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Get all the information you need on specifications and certifications, as well as on all the work we do and are capable of. Check out our downloadable info trove, as well as our FAQ, to come away with a better understanding of what we at Cast Metals Technology can accomplish.


Why Aluminum Sand Castings?

Sand castings offer benefits such as cost effectiveness, quick turn around, and lower cost tooling that is often easily modified and adaptable.

How long does Green Sand tooling last?

The life of a green sand tool can last for years. Many tools can last over 50,000 shots depending on the complexity of the part and the tooling materials utilized.

What kind of surface finish do green sand castings offer?

Normal surface finish, depending on the pouring alloy, range from 200 to 560 RMS. Improved surface finish can be achieved with use of our in-house shot blast process as well as vibratory finish process.

What is the manufacturing capacity for green sand molding?

We have the ability to provide one piece per year up to thousands of castings per year. Our state of the art manual and automated processes give us the ability to produce castings from ounces up to 150 lbs.

What our the in-house capabilities at Cast Metals Technology?

We offer in-house design assistance, 3-D solidification analysis, production of both low and high volume aluminum castings, as well as heat treating, and finishing solutions including shot blast, vibratory finishing and CNC machining.

How much machine stock does Cast Metals Technology prefer?

Our general rule for machine stock is 0.090″ to 0.250″ depending on the size
and features of the casting.

How much draft does Cast Metals Technology require?

A minimum of 3 degree draft is best suited for our manual and automated molding processes. The complexity of the part determines the exact required draft and our engineering team will assist in the tooling design phase each step of the way.

What is the minimum wall thickness that Cast Metals Technology requires?

Depending on casting design and size, a minimum wall thickness of 0.125″ can
be achieved.

What finishing applications does Cast Metals Technology offer?

Cast Metals Technology offers complete turn-key solutions from beginning to end for our customers including value-added services such as powder coating, e-coating, anodizing, and assembly.


Castings from ounces to 150 lbs.
EAU’s from one casting to thousands of castings Wall thickness requirement of 0.125″
Draft of 3 degrees is typically required
General sand molding tolerance of +0.030″