Integrating Every Aspect of Our Operation

At Cast Metals Technology, we use Odyssey to track every facet of our work, ensuring quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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A System for Maximizing Efficiency

Odyssey is a software system designed specifically for metal casting companies, allowing them to streamline their operations and make better-informed decisions. The parts of our operation united by Odyssey include:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Sales

A More Reliable Means of Communication

Using Odyssey means that everyone at Cast Metals has access to the information they need whenever they may need it. Production schedules, real-time production data, real-time parts tracking, individual product requirements – all of it makes sure everyone stays in the loop and can access data as soon as it’s made available.

Thanks to our use of this comprehensive software, we can easily trace every casting in our system – and use that information accessibility to the benefit of our clients.

For questions about Odyssey and how it improves our operations, contact Cast Metals Technology today.

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